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                Nickel Nitrate

                Formula: Ni(NO3)2 . 6H2O
                CAS NO.:13478-00-7
                M.W.: 290.81
                Properties:It is a light green monoclinic crystal with specific gravity of 2.05. Its melting point is 56.7℃ and boiling point is 136.7℃. It easily dissolves in water, liquid ammonia, aqueous ammonia and ethanol, and slightly in propanone. Its aqueous solution is acidity. It is hygroscopic. Combustion and explosion occurs when it mixes with organic compounds.

                Assay [Ni(NO3)2 . 6H2O ]
                98.0 min.
                98.0 min.
                Water-insoluble matter
                0.02 max.
                0.01 max.
                Chloride (Cl)
                0.02 max.
                0.01 max.
                Sulfate (SO4)
                0.03 max.
                0.02 max.
                Iron (Fe)
                Cobalt (Co)
                0.2 max.
                0.05 max.
                Zinc (Zn)
                0.005 max.
                0.02 max.
                Heavy metal (Pb)
                0.005 max.

                Application: It is used in electroplating of nickel, glazed color of ceramics, other nickel salts and catalyst.
                Storage: Store at a dry place hermetically, prevent from wet and keep away from organic compounds.
                Packing: 25Kg net, double plastic bags lined plastic woven sack.

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