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                ProductsYour location:Products

                Sodium Fluosilicate

                Formula: Na2SiF6
                CAS NO. : 16893-85-9
                M.W: 188.06
                Properties: White crystals; no odour ,no taste, with obsorbility and specific gravity 2.679; insoluble in ethanol, solubility in acid is bigger than in water; forms Fluoride and silica after dissolving in alkaline liquor; toxic.

                Assay (Na2SiF)
                98.0 min.
                0.5 max.
                Water-insoluble matter
                0.5 max.
                Heavy metal(Pb,Hg,Bi,Cu)
                0.08 max.

                Application: Milky agent and fusing agent for glass and enamel; preserving agent for wood; agricultural insecticide ; hygroscopic agent for acid-resisting cement; coagulation accelerator in natural emulsion products. Additive in electroplating zinc , nickel and iron in three floors; stuffing agent in plastics; pharmacy, fluorating treatment for drinking water and for man-made crystals and Sodium Fluoride.
                Storage: Store at a ventilating, and dry place, keep away from food.
                Packing: 25Kg net, double plastic bags lined plastic woven bag

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