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                Stanous Fluoroborate

                Formula: Sn(BF4)2
                CAS NO.: 13814-97-6
                M.W: 292.34
                Properties: Colorless or transparent liquid; relative density (20°C)1.65; the PH value of its aqueous solution will be less than 7 if there is certain amount of free acid; it will decompose or get hydrolyzed if heated or confronted with water and is easy to oxidize if open to the air for a long time. Solid product is white (BF4)2.(H2O), the PH value of the pure product is slightly above 7; there will be Sn(BF4)2 , SnF2.5H2O crystallized from the solution.

                Assay [Sn(BF4)2]
                45 min.
                20 max
                3 max.
                2 max.
                0.005 max.
                0.05 max
                0.8 max
                0.05 max

                Application: Used in commercial foods to prevent them from being corroded by organo acids, applied to tincoated copper wire, manufacturing industry and electroforming shell for domestic electrical appliances, and the electroplating solution for tin and tin alloy.
                Storage: Kept in a dry, cool, ventilated storehouse and from the sunlight, rain.
                Packing: Net 20kg plastic drums.

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